Sunday, 15 May 2011

Door Day

Woke up and it's sunny, yes!  Straight outside to start on the frame for the door  I painted yesterday.  It doesn't look very exciting at the moment but when the colour goes on, it will look better. I was worried about getting paint on the windows but Dad said because they have plastic on, it will come off.

I then measured for the base bit for the door frame - i have to leave gap for the door - this is tricky and I got my chisel stuck.  I used Scarlie strength to get it out - I think I may need more of that!!!


 Lots to do, be back soon THGx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday - Rain stops painting

Its Saturday and I have been waiting all week to work on the treehouse. It is raining really hard and I have only got the first layer of paint on the door.  I still haven't decided what colour - maybe stripy that would be cool.  I will probably think about it this afternoon whilst doing other things.  

I now have a little round table from Uncle Maurice and mum and I are going to try and sew some curtains.  We can't sew very well but we are going to help each other.  Here is what the tree house looks like at the moment - we have finished the platform and it is really sturdy.  All my family are really impressed, especially the men! Already Wilf the dog likes it because he can go under for shelter from rain!

We need it to stop raining so we can get the walls up.  Be back soon THGx

Welcome to Treehouse Girl - Scarlett aged 9 and 1 month

I hope you will like what I am up to.  I got a building book, a pile of wood, some rope and a bean bag for my birthday and I am going to build myself a treehouse.  I like to be outside all the time so it is perfect for me, I need somewhere to escape to so I can write poems, read books and draw pictures.  I like the idea of having some company and everyone says I have a good imagination so I am hoping I am as lucky a Lucy in my favourite book, Lob and I will never feel lonely.  This is me reading - I do that alot!

First of all I drew a plan of what I wanted in my treehouse... 

Then I needed to work out where to put it - I asked dad because he knows about that kind of thing and we decided between the three damson trees where the sun sets.  Here is my birds eye view

Then my Great Uncle Maurice gave me lots more wood, so I can make it bigger and windows and a little door.  So Dad and I put all the ideas together and came up with a plan - this is dads picture of the final idea, I think it is really good.

We started by building the base - it takes alot of wood and it was hard to saw it

I look like I am going to have an accident here but it was ok and we managed to get it done in one weekend and it looks like this...

Then we made the sign - it was great fun and I had lots of help from Bertie and Connie and our friends Neith and Gabriel  - I love it.

Be back soon x THG