Monday, 15 August 2011


I do have a hammer and I have been hammering in the morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening, and look what I have done...
Me and my Hammer!

 It has been a very exciting week, my hands are a bit sore but I haven't got any splinters, which is amazing if you think about all the wood.

 We fixed the wood on by hammering at one end then straightening and then hammer at the other end.  To stop it curving or bowing as Dad says we then put nail in the middle of the wood.  We started at the bottom of the door side and very quickly it started to come together. We have used loads of nails and it is quite tricky to get them in straight.

Bertie has been making something for me - I think it is a door stop, but he says wait and see.

I have now finished the door and window walls and am very pleased and it already feel like my space inside.  The walls have made a colossal impact!

My new home

I am going to have a look at making curtains today, mum has a bag of nice material and I have chosen some with blue and red checks.  I measured the window and have made a plan for both windows but I will only make one at a time.

Red and Blue curtains held on with golden rings for the main window- I hope to get some at the auction.
When I go to the auction next Monday and am hoping to get things for the treehouse, fingers crossed.  I'm off now, maybe I will do curtains tomorrow, its really sunny and mum is getting the water slide out - woohoooooooo

Be back soon - THG

Monday, 8 August 2011

Wibble Wobble

Not the treehouse...a jelly. We made out of the damsons from the tree that is getting in my way.  Revenge! 

Had a great weekend got lots done.  My cousins came on Saturday and we played in the treehouse, they loved it.
We played mums and dads and even though I might be a bit too old it was really good and just the kind of thing I wanted to do in the treehouse. 

Later on Saturday Dad started a waterfight when he was meant to be watering his plants. 

We all had a go. It is one of my favourite things to do and Ruby and Grace loved it too. 

When Grace got cold Dad took her in and she had a hot bubbly bath. 

 On Sunday our friend Robert came, then something really exciting happened, his dad gave me some wood for the wall from the house they are building next door.
Me and my wood
  Nothing will stop me now.  I am so happy,  he wants some of our Apple and Blackberry jam in return for the wood. So Dad, Bert, Connie and I went to pick the berries after tea tonight and will help mum make it with her secret recipe tomorrow. I love making jam...and eating it!

This is my favourite picture from my weekend
Be back soon THG

Friday, 5 August 2011


Dad and I have been finishing off the ground floor roof and it looks good.  Lots of holes but apparently that will be OK when it is finished. The wonky door keeps getting stuck when we open and close it so we have given it some extra strength on both sides and now it works perfectly, this took ages but definitely worth it and luckily it is still wonky, just the way I like it.
 The damson tree above the treehouse is full of fruit and we are waiting for them all to drop - I have to keep sweeping them off they are going to mess up my balcony!

Peanut my hamster is doing really well and I feel so happy that she is running around like normal. She is so cute and lovely, I am lucky to have such a nice hamster. Here she is 

 Be back soon x THG

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Its all coming together

 Hello, I have been very busy with all sorts of nice things like, having sleepovers, going to the beach, went to see Midsummer Nights Dream, Harry Potter and playing with my friends.  Before all this I got the frame finished for the downstairs and put the window and door in.  Looks good doesn't it?

The door looks wonky but its OK
Perfect fit- phewy
This window needs some curtains...
My hamster Peanut has been ill and have been really worried about her. Peanut's cheek pouch came out whilst my Grandad was visiting and she has had an operation to remove it so she only has one left. It was very hard not to get too upset because I was worried she might not be OK, but she has taken her medicine really well and we went back to the vet yesterday and she was really happy with her.  To cheer me up Alana and I played the first game of cards when it was warm on the balcony.  It was perfection.

I have got a couple of very busy days as Dad is off work.  We are building the frame for the bedroom area now.  We need to build the base out of the tree because we are waiting for the damsons to finish before we cut the branch, the steps are done from the main room to the crows nest - they are like a ladder. 

 be back soon, THG

Saturday, 2 July 2011

End of Term - itus!!!

I like this photo mum took of me looking FAB-U-LOUS, here is what I have been doing...

  It has been very busy at school because it is nearly the holidays. I have been really tired out I think it is End of Termitus!  The treehouse work has carried on I have been doing the windows and door, it is taking forever. This week I have had two extra days off school which has been very lucky.  Jobs in orders have been:  washed the windows with sugar soap - waited for them to dry, then painted white undercoat- waited for them to dry, then dark grey undercoat - waited for them to dry and then finally Red Shiny Paint - still waiting for them to dry! I am not a very patient person so waiting for everything to dry has been boring.  Boring is a banned word in my house but I can't think of a better one, Dad said something was as interesting as watching paint dry the other day and I can only guess that I can't have been very interesting at all.  

We can't really get on with everything else until this job is done.  Mum says its like dominoes - I think I know what she means!

 Here is Wilf, our dog keeping me company - he think we are doing something important so he always comes and keeps watch - and NEVER misses the chance to be in the photo!

The finished NON-DRIED window and door!
I still have one more window to do, I look so happy because it is the last one.  After that I am going to relax in the hammock and read Pippi Longstocking - I love my life.  Be back soon xTHG

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Frames and Fitness

Strangely I got home from school with lots of energy as it is fun and fitness week and I should be tired out.  Dad had a day off so we got on with the frame, here I am making the support for the back left corner.  We did the same for all four corners, Connie helped me with measuring.
The frame is quite strong and looks really good - see here
We did the joints with planks of wood and nails.  

 We were so pleased with the work we went on to do some work on the window, I got a chisel stuck in my right hand when I was getting all the putty out of the pot, this was hard and a bit painful.  I am not letting it get in my way though, here is a picture of us last night before I had to come inside for tea - I was so happy to have the frame done.
Another happy thing this week has been fun and fitness week at school - I have done sports day where we came third - even with my fabulous running!

Archery which was immense and we had circus skills today with a man called Mark which was brill.  My best friend Alana and I had a great time and were very pleaed with our medals - we are both crazy and she is great really funny like me.

Bye for now - THG

Sunday, 5 June 2011


The roofing arrived yesterday but we are waiting for more wood to finish the frame so I need to be patient.
I am back to school tommorrow so had to do my homework this morning, it was great fun apart from the spellings!   I had to make a dreamcatcher like in the BFG, this is totally the best homework ever!  The reason is I can put it in the treehouse after I have shown my teacher Mrs Davis, I think she will absolutely love it. 

I put a butterfly hanging from the middle to carry bad dreams away lots of clouds and crazy tangles and a caterpillar called Cecil.  I have nightmares about lots of different things like vikings, witches and things that chase me so hopefully this will stop them.  With the dreamcatcher I hope to dream about flying through the air and being able to speak to animals and they talk back. 

Bye for now THG 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Slowly but Surely

The sun is finally out and I have got back to the treehouse.  It is the half term holiday and dad and I worked yesterday on the frame for the door.  It was really tricky and there was loads of measuring - now we have to keep our fingers crossed that is will open and close.  We then sorted out what wood we had left and how it would be best to use it - this took AGES. In order to do that we had to tidy up - yes, I said it, TIDY UP.  I am possibly the messiest person in my family so the idea  that there was loads of tidying up to do was not ideal.  It does look much better now and we found lots of tools we thought were lost so that great.

Here is what is looks like now

I will put wood above and to the sides of the opening and then I need to build the rest of the sides ready to fill in.  I hope we can do this at the weekend when dad is off work.   

I have been up to lots of cool things whilst it has been raining.  I have been to the Theatre where my Mum works to see a play called Not So Grimm Fairy Tales - it was soooo good and the actors were really funny. They sang a great song called 'We are the Brothers Grimm' and I can't stop singing it - I liked the way they told the stories, extra imaginative and has given me some good ideas for stories I could do, what a great job that must be. 

It was the town carnival near my house and my school had a float.  It was a Wild West theme and I went as a cowgirl like 'Kissin Kate Barlow' from Holes by Louis Sacher - another one of my favourite books.  It really rained at the end of the parade and we got wet through but it didn't matter because it was so funny.  I think I need a stock of spiced peaches for the treehouse like Stanley and Hector in the book, particularly if the door doesn'r open properly!!!
I'm off to find a recipe - YEEEEEEHAWWWW

Here is me dressed up as Kissin Kate - my mum says it looks like a wanted poster. 


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Door Day

Woke up and it's sunny, yes!  Straight outside to start on the frame for the door  I painted yesterday.  It doesn't look very exciting at the moment but when the colour goes on, it will look better. I was worried about getting paint on the windows but Dad said because they have plastic on, it will come off.

I then measured for the base bit for the door frame - i have to leave gap for the door - this is tricky and I got my chisel stuck.  I used Scarlie strength to get it out - I think I may need more of that!!!


 Lots to do, be back soon THGx

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday - Rain stops painting

Its Saturday and I have been waiting all week to work on the treehouse. It is raining really hard and I have only got the first layer of paint on the door.  I still haven't decided what colour - maybe stripy that would be cool.  I will probably think about it this afternoon whilst doing other things.  

I now have a little round table from Uncle Maurice and mum and I are going to try and sew some curtains.  We can't sew very well but we are going to help each other.  Here is what the tree house looks like at the moment - we have finished the platform and it is really sturdy.  All my family are really impressed, especially the men! Already Wilf the dog likes it because he can go under for shelter from rain!

We need it to stop raining so we can get the walls up.  Be back soon THGx

Welcome to Treehouse Girl - Scarlett aged 9 and 1 month

I hope you will like what I am up to.  I got a building book, a pile of wood, some rope and a bean bag for my birthday and I am going to build myself a treehouse.  I like to be outside all the time so it is perfect for me, I need somewhere to escape to so I can write poems, read books and draw pictures.  I like the idea of having some company and everyone says I have a good imagination so I am hoping I am as lucky a Lucy in my favourite book, Lob and I will never feel lonely.  This is me reading - I do that alot!

First of all I drew a plan of what I wanted in my treehouse... 

Then I needed to work out where to put it - I asked dad because he knows about that kind of thing and we decided between the three damson trees where the sun sets.  Here is my birds eye view

Then my Great Uncle Maurice gave me lots more wood, so I can make it bigger and windows and a little door.  So Dad and I put all the ideas together and came up with a plan - this is dads picture of the final idea, I think it is really good.

We started by building the base - it takes alot of wood and it was hard to saw it

I look like I am going to have an accident here but it was ok and we managed to get it done in one weekend and it looks like this...

Then we made the sign - it was great fun and I had lots of help from Bertie and Connie and our friends Neith and Gabriel  - I love it.

Be back soon x THG