Thursday, 9 June 2011

Frames and Fitness

Strangely I got home from school with lots of energy as it is fun and fitness week and I should be tired out.  Dad had a day off so we got on with the frame, here I am making the support for the back left corner.  We did the same for all four corners, Connie helped me with measuring.
The frame is quite strong and looks really good - see here
We did the joints with planks of wood and nails.  

 We were so pleased with the work we went on to do some work on the window, I got a chisel stuck in my right hand when I was getting all the putty out of the pot, this was hard and a bit painful.  I am not letting it get in my way though, here is a picture of us last night before I had to come inside for tea - I was so happy to have the frame done.
Another happy thing this week has been fun and fitness week at school - I have done sports day where we came third - even with my fabulous running!

Archery which was immense and we had circus skills today with a man called Mark which was brill.  My best friend Alana and I had a great time and were very pleaed with our medals - we are both crazy and she is great really funny like me.

Bye for now - THG

Sunday, 5 June 2011


The roofing arrived yesterday but we are waiting for more wood to finish the frame so I need to be patient.
I am back to school tommorrow so had to do my homework this morning, it was great fun apart from the spellings!   I had to make a dreamcatcher like in the BFG, this is totally the best homework ever!  The reason is I can put it in the treehouse after I have shown my teacher Mrs Davis, I think she will absolutely love it. 

I put a butterfly hanging from the middle to carry bad dreams away lots of clouds and crazy tangles and a caterpillar called Cecil.  I have nightmares about lots of different things like vikings, witches and things that chase me so hopefully this will stop them.  With the dreamcatcher I hope to dream about flying through the air and being able to speak to animals and they talk back. 

Bye for now THG 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Slowly but Surely

The sun is finally out and I have got back to the treehouse.  It is the half term holiday and dad and I worked yesterday on the frame for the door.  It was really tricky and there was loads of measuring - now we have to keep our fingers crossed that is will open and close.  We then sorted out what wood we had left and how it would be best to use it - this took AGES. In order to do that we had to tidy up - yes, I said it, TIDY UP.  I am possibly the messiest person in my family so the idea  that there was loads of tidying up to do was not ideal.  It does look much better now and we found lots of tools we thought were lost so that great.

Here is what is looks like now

I will put wood above and to the sides of the opening and then I need to build the rest of the sides ready to fill in.  I hope we can do this at the weekend when dad is off work.   

I have been up to lots of cool things whilst it has been raining.  I have been to the Theatre where my Mum works to see a play called Not So Grimm Fairy Tales - it was soooo good and the actors were really funny. They sang a great song called 'We are the Brothers Grimm' and I can't stop singing it - I liked the way they told the stories, extra imaginative and has given me some good ideas for stories I could do, what a great job that must be. 

It was the town carnival near my house and my school had a float.  It was a Wild West theme and I went as a cowgirl like 'Kissin Kate Barlow' from Holes by Louis Sacher - another one of my favourite books.  It really rained at the end of the parade and we got wet through but it didn't matter because it was so funny.  I think I need a stock of spiced peaches for the treehouse like Stanley and Hector in the book, particularly if the door doesn'r open properly!!!
I'm off to find a recipe - YEEEEEEHAWWWW

Here is me dressed up as Kissin Kate - my mum says it looks like a wanted poster.