Thursday, 9 June 2011

Frames and Fitness

Strangely I got home from school with lots of energy as it is fun and fitness week and I should be tired out.  Dad had a day off so we got on with the frame, here I am making the support for the back left corner.  We did the same for all four corners, Connie helped me with measuring.
The frame is quite strong and looks really good - see here
We did the joints with planks of wood and nails.  

 We were so pleased with the work we went on to do some work on the window, I got a chisel stuck in my right hand when I was getting all the putty out of the pot, this was hard and a bit painful.  I am not letting it get in my way though, here is a picture of us last night before I had to come inside for tea - I was so happy to have the frame done.
Another happy thing this week has been fun and fitness week at school - I have done sports day where we came third - even with my fabulous running!

Archery which was immense and we had circus skills today with a man called Mark which was brill.  My best friend Alana and I had a great time and were very pleaed with our medals - we are both crazy and she is great really funny like me.

Bye for now - THG

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