Saturday, 2 July 2011

End of Term - itus!!!

I like this photo mum took of me looking FAB-U-LOUS, here is what I have been doing...

  It has been very busy at school because it is nearly the holidays. I have been really tired out I think it is End of Termitus!  The treehouse work has carried on I have been doing the windows and door, it is taking forever. This week I have had two extra days off school which has been very lucky.  Jobs in orders have been:  washed the windows with sugar soap - waited for them to dry, then painted white undercoat- waited for them to dry, then dark grey undercoat - waited for them to dry and then finally Red Shiny Paint - still waiting for them to dry! I am not a very patient person so waiting for everything to dry has been boring.  Boring is a banned word in my house but I can't think of a better one, Dad said something was as interesting as watching paint dry the other day and I can only guess that I can't have been very interesting at all.  

We can't really get on with everything else until this job is done.  Mum says its like dominoes - I think I know what she means!

 Here is Wilf, our dog keeping me company - he think we are doing something important so he always comes and keeps watch - and NEVER misses the chance to be in the photo!

The finished NON-DRIED window and door!
I still have one more window to do, I look so happy because it is the last one.  After that I am going to relax in the hammock and read Pippi Longstocking - I love my life.  Be back soon xTHG


  1. We can't wait to come and see the real thing. Love the Scarlett paint! XXX

  2. I was thinking we could do a muriel on the inside all together xx THG