Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Its all coming together

 Hello, I have been very busy with all sorts of nice things like, having sleepovers, going to the beach, went to see Midsummer Nights Dream, Harry Potter and playing with my friends.  Before all this I got the frame finished for the downstairs and put the window and door in.  Looks good doesn't it?

The door looks wonky but its OK
Perfect fit- phewy
This window needs some curtains...
My hamster Peanut has been ill and have been really worried about her. Peanut's cheek pouch came out whilst my Grandad was visiting and she has had an operation to remove it so she only has one left. It was very hard not to get too upset because I was worried she might not be OK, but she has taken her medicine really well and we went back to the vet yesterday and she was really happy with her.  To cheer me up Alana and I played the first game of cards when it was warm on the balcony.  It was perfection.

I have got a couple of very busy days as Dad is off work.  We are building the frame for the bedroom area now.  We need to build the base out of the tree because we are waiting for the damsons to finish before we cut the branch, the steps are done from the main room to the crows nest - they are like a ladder. 

 be back soon, THG

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  1. It all looks Fab! Peanut is so lucky to have you looking after her xx