Monday, 15 August 2011


I do have a hammer and I have been hammering in the morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening, and look what I have done...
Me and my Hammer!

 It has been a very exciting week, my hands are a bit sore but I haven't got any splinters, which is amazing if you think about all the wood.

 We fixed the wood on by hammering at one end then straightening and then hammer at the other end.  To stop it curving or bowing as Dad says we then put nail in the middle of the wood.  We started at the bottom of the door side and very quickly it started to come together. We have used loads of nails and it is quite tricky to get them in straight.

Bertie has been making something for me - I think it is a door stop, but he says wait and see.

I have now finished the door and window walls and am very pleased and it already feel like my space inside.  The walls have made a colossal impact!

My new home

I am going to have a look at making curtains today, mum has a bag of nice material and I have chosen some with blue and red checks.  I measured the window and have made a plan for both windows but I will only make one at a time.

Red and Blue curtains held on with golden rings for the main window- I hope to get some at the auction.
When I go to the auction next Monday and am hoping to get things for the treehouse, fingers crossed.  I'm off now, maybe I will do curtains tomorrow, its really sunny and mum is getting the water slide out - woohoooooooo

Be back soon - THG


  1. Wow! it's looking FAB Scarlett!
    Really looking forward to seeing you at Rushbrooke sports day on Saturday. Dont forget to bring the cup back -you never know you might win it again, so practice your throwing!
    Sending you a big hug & lots of xxxxxxx

  2. That looks really good......Just like a Canadian timber chalet. One day I might even bring my sleeping bag and stay the night!

    Mike....your Dads carer.