Monday, 8 August 2011

Wibble Wobble

Not the treehouse...a jelly. We made out of the damsons from the tree that is getting in my way.  Revenge! 

Had a great weekend got lots done.  My cousins came on Saturday and we played in the treehouse, they loved it.
We played mums and dads and even though I might be a bit too old it was really good and just the kind of thing I wanted to do in the treehouse. 

Later on Saturday Dad started a waterfight when he was meant to be watering his plants. 

We all had a go. It is one of my favourite things to do and Ruby and Grace loved it too. 

When Grace got cold Dad took her in and she had a hot bubbly bath. 

 On Sunday our friend Robert came, then something really exciting happened, his dad gave me some wood for the wall from the house they are building next door.
Me and my wood
  Nothing will stop me now.  I am so happy,  he wants some of our Apple and Blackberry jam in return for the wood. So Dad, Bert, Connie and I went to pick the berries after tea tonight and will help mum make it with her secret recipe tomorrow. I love making jam...and eating it!

This is my favourite picture from my weekend
Be back soon THG

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