Sunday, 5 June 2011


The roofing arrived yesterday but we are waiting for more wood to finish the frame so I need to be patient.
I am back to school tommorrow so had to do my homework this morning, it was great fun apart from the spellings!   I had to make a dreamcatcher like in the BFG, this is totally the best homework ever!  The reason is I can put it in the treehouse after I have shown my teacher Mrs Davis, I think she will absolutely love it. 

I put a butterfly hanging from the middle to carry bad dreams away lots of clouds and crazy tangles and a caterpillar called Cecil.  I have nightmares about lots of different things like vikings, witches and things that chase me so hopefully this will stop them.  With the dreamcatcher I hope to dream about flying through the air and being able to speak to animals and they talk back. 

Bye for now THG 

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