Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday - Rain stops painting

Its Saturday and I have been waiting all week to work on the treehouse. It is raining really hard and I have only got the first layer of paint on the door.  I still haven't decided what colour - maybe stripy that would be cool.  I will probably think about it this afternoon whilst doing other things.  

I now have a little round table from Uncle Maurice and mum and I are going to try and sew some curtains.  We can't sew very well but we are going to help each other.  Here is what the tree house looks like at the moment - we have finished the platform and it is really sturdy.  All my family are really impressed, especially the men! Already Wilf the dog likes it because he can go under for shelter from rain!

We need it to stop raining so we can get the walls up.  Be back soon THGx

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